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Who Owes Whom?

2017 NFL Season & Super Bowl 52 - Go Get My Lunch Props

Wess owes Patra: 1

Marc owes Wess: 4

Marc owes Gregg: 4

Marc owes Dan: 2

Marc owes Colleen: 2

Marc owes Conor: 1

Marc owes Patra: 2

Gregg owes Colleen: 2

Gregg owes Conor: 1

Gregg owes Patra: 1

Dan owes Colleen: 3

Dan owes Conor: 1

Dan owes Gregg: 2

Dan owes Wess: 1

Dan owes Patra: 1

Colleen owes Wess: 1

Erica owes Gregg: 1

Erica owes Marc: 1

Erica owes Dan: 1

*When two heroes owe each other the same amount, the results were cancelled out and excluded from the list above.*

Ex: Dan owes Marc two sandwiches, while Marc also owes Dan two sandwiches. Net result = 0 sandwiches owed.

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