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2024 NFL Draft

NFL Draft Logo 2024.jpg

Marc Sessler

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 4-9) 

  • Eagles select Jeremiah Trotter Jr. and the Chargers select Blake Corum (Dan, Gregg)

  • Cowboys select a QB within the first 2 Rounds (Dan, Gregg)

  • A major non-sports related news story takes "wholesale precedence" over the Draft (Dan, Gregg)

Gregg Rosenthal

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 6-6) 

  • Patriots select Drake Maye (Marc)

  • Jer'Zhan "Johnny" Newton is selected within the first 31 picks (Dan, Marc)

  • Cowboys select Jonathon Brooks with pick #56 (Dan, Marc)

Dan Hanzus

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 9-4) 

  • 1st Round Selection Order (Gregg, Marc): 

    • 1st Pick - QB

    • 2nd Pick - QB

    • 3rd Pick - QB

    • 4th Pick - WR

    • 5th Pick - WR (OT)

    • 6th Pick - WR

    • 7th Pick - OT

  • Chiefs trade up for a WR/TE (Gregg, Marc)

  • A Pro Bowl Player/All-Pro/All PFF Team Player is traded prior to 12:00am Friday, April 26, 2024 (Gregg, Marc)

  • Detroit drafts a player present at the Draft (Gregg, Marc)

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