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2018 NFL Draft

Chris Wesseling

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 8-4)  

The 2nd QB drafted: Josh Rosen

If the Giants stay at pick #2, they will draft a QB (Dan, Gregg, Marc)

Colts will not draft at #6 overall (Gregg)

Patriots won't trade up for a QB (Marc)

Marc Sessler

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 5-6)  

The 2nd QB drafted: Baker Mayfield

There will be 4 or more trades before pick #20 (Dan, Gregg) 

Patriots will draft at least 2 QBs (Dan, Gregg, Wess)

1) Mike Mayock trends on twitter and 2) there are a handful of articles written all over the place that quantify how much Mayock hates Day 3 of the draft and it's ultra-excessive wave of tedious bells and whistles that ponderously slow the process to a crawl while guaranteeing that our Saturday wrap up pod (which used to operate efficiently), now begins at like 6:45 Pacific Time, due to all the white-hot overly slick anti-drama (Wess)

Gregg Rosenthal

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 3-9)  

The 2nd QB drafted: Baker Mayfield

Isaiah Wynn gets drafted between #27 - #32 (Dan, Marc, Wess)

Mason Rudolph is the 6th QB selected and gets drafted before pick #27 (Dan, Marc, Wess)

Patriots draft a QB in round 1 (Dan, Wess)

Dan Hanzus

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 7-2)  

The 2nd QB drafted: Baker Mayfield

Jets draft Baker Mayfield (Wess)

One of the big 4 QBs (Allen, Darnold, Mayfield or Rosen) gets drafted by a 2017 playoff team ()

At least 1 player from each position (except K/P) gets drafted in the 1st round (Marc)

Spice Rack

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 0-2)  

Lamar Jackson gets drafted in the Top 10 (Dan, Wess)

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