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2022 NFL Season Props



Marc Sessler

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 7-12)

  • Jimmy Garoppolo will start a game for a team other than the 49ers in 2022 (Colleen, Dan, Gregg)

  • A regular season game will finish in under 2 hours and 29 minutes (Dan, Gregg)

  • Two coaches, from the same team, get into a fist fight (Colleen, Dan, Gregg)

  • The NFC South division winner, wins a playoff game (Claybon, Dan)

Gregg Rosenthal

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 12-8

  • Jalen Hurts makes the initial NFC Pro Bowl team (Colleen, Dan, Marc)

  • The Browns will end with one of the 5 worst records in the NFL (Colleen, Dan, Marc)

  • The Broncos miss the playoffs and have a sourced report of differences between Russell Wilson & Nathaniel Hackett (Colleen, Dan, Marc)​​

Dan Hanzus

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 13-4

  • Rams trade for a 'splashy' defensive linemen () 

  • Antonio Brown is signed to a team in 2022 (Gregg)

  • Tua Tagovailoa loses the starting QB role to Teddy Bridgewater for performance reasons (Gregg, Marc)

  • The Jags will still be in the playoff race in Week 18 (Gregg, Marc)

  • The Seahawks have a top 5 pick in the 2023 Draft (Gregg)

Colleen Wolfe

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 5-10

  • Derek Carr throws more TDs than Tom Brady (Dan, Gregg, Marc)

  • The Eagles won't win a playoff game (Dan, Gregg, Marc)

  • The Bills win the Super Bowl (Dan, Gregg, Marc)

Grave Digger

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 0-4) 

  • The Colts will finish in last place in the AFC South (Dan, Colleen, Gregg, Marc)

Spice Rack

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 0-0) 

  • Spicey's relationships:

    • With Marc will intensify during the season

    • With Gregg will gradually increase

    • With Dan will fall off a cliff

    • With Ricky will stay at 'zero'

      • (Dan, Gregg)​

Patrick Claybon

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 1-0) 

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