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2021 Draft


Marc Sessler

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 5-6) ​​

  • We will see a naked body part during ESPN or NFL Networks draft coverage (Dan, Gregg)

  • Zach Ertz won't be a member of the Eagles by the end of the draft (Dan)

  • An out-of-control animal will cause chaos at the Draft (Dan, Gregg)

Gregg Rosenthal

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 4-5) 

  • The Patriots draft Justin Fields (Dan, Marc)

  • The Broncos draft a QB in the 1st Round (Marc)
  • No Running Backs are drafted in the 1st round (Dan, Marc)

Dan Hanzus

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 6-4) 

  • A starting QB from 2020 gets traded during Draft week -excluding Jimmy Garoppolo- (Marc)

  • Jets trade up in the 1st Round and draft a WR (Gregg, Marc)

  • Jimmy Garoppolo is traded to the Patriots during the draft (Gregg, Marc)

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