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2017 NFL Season

Chris Wesseling

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 13-8)  

The Rams finish the 2017 season with a winning record (Colleen, Dan, Gregg, Marc)

Buccaneers allow less yardage than the Broncos (Dan, Gregg, Marc)

The Ravens will make the 2017 Playoffs (Dan, Gregg, Marc)
2017 MVP: Tom Brady

Marc Sessler

(Sandwiches Won-Lost 9-17)

Pat McAfee will be back in the NFL by Halloween 2017 (Dan, Gregg)

Tom Brady won't start more than 14 regular season games (Colleen, Dan, Gregg, Wess)

Ben Roethlisberger retires after the 2017 season (Dan, Gregg, Wess)

2017 MVP: Philip Rivers

NFL will be forced to reschedule an entire week of games (Dan, Gregg, Wess)

Gregg Rosenthal

(Sandwiches Won-Lost 12-11)

Dalvin Cook leads all rookie RBs in yards from scrimmage (Dan, Marc, Wess)

The Patriots will finish worse than 14-2 (Dan, Wess)

The Bengals will play during Wildcard weekend (Colleen, Marc)

2017 MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Dan Hanzus

(Sandwiches Won-Lost 10-14)

The Patriots will lead by double digit points mid-way through the 1st quarter on 10/29/17 (Marc)

Darrelle Revis plays in 2017 (Gregg)

Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant are the #1 duo in receiving yards in 2017 (Colleen, Gregg, Marc)

Jadeveon Clowney gets 12+ sacks in 2017 (Gregg, Marc)

Adrian Peterson & Marshawn Lynch combine for less yardage than the 2017 rushing leader (Wess)

2017 MVP: Russell Wilson

Colleen Wolfe

(Sandwiches Won-Lost 11-5)

Andrew Luck starts fewer games than Mike Glennon (Dan, Gregg, Marc, Wess)

The Titans make the playoffs (Dan)

Keenan Allen leads the league in receptions (Dan, Gregg, Marc, Wess)

2017 MVP: Tom Brady

Connor Orr

(Sandwiches Won-Lost: 3-0)
Darrelle Revis signs a multi-year contract (Dan, Gregg, Marc)

Erica Tamposi

(Sandwiches Won-Lost 0-3)

Julian Edelman will play in 2017 (Dan, Gregg, Marc)

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